Our Clients Say the Nicest Things!


"I'd like to offer my highest possible endorsement of your services... Your skills are formidable... You are unparalleled at singling out accurately the exact focus or theme that best captures ideas...great at discussing options for presenting my message...and no one is better at choosing the clearest, briefest written language."

Mary L. Ford, Four-Term Mayor of Northampton, MA

"As a veteran magazine editor/publisher, I'm inherently hypercritical... [You] blow me away! Then, I read your summary of my workshop. Nobody has ever caught the essence of what I try to say better than you did in that piece. Thank you for the thought...and respect...that represents. With your permission, I'd like to use that article in the material I send to potential workshop sponsors."

Donald J. Jonovic, Ph.D., Family Business Management Services, Cleveland, OH

"You did a GREAT article. I really appreciate your catching the nuances of the presentation."

Ingrid Bredenberg, Human Resource Innovations, Montague, MA

"Thanks for contributing. You only make my life easier (and make me look good) with good stuff like this."

Peter Bowerman, www.wellfedwriter.com

"Wow wow wow - a writer who comprehends word limits! I'm impressed on so many levels. If you had any idea how many back and forths it usually takes me to get someone to do a kudo that fits the criteria, you'd faint. Thanks so much,"

Sue Katz, Editor, National Writers Union newsletter


Boy, I should have hired YOU to edit this thing! I'm so grateful for -- and impressed with -- all your feedback

Marilyn Ross, author, Jump-Start Your Book Sales
(after we spotted a number of errors when she asked for a blurb)

"Your additional paragraphs create a clarity in a section that I now see was muddy. It just amazes me how the changing of one word, such as from "increase" to "expand" makes the sentence so much "crisper. Well done!"

Dr. Ivan Delman, author, The Business of Chiropractic: How to Prosper AFTER Startup

I worked at a story for eleven drafts, showing it to a committee of people who all eventually blessed it and told me it was great. Music to my ears, and I was ready to submit it. At the final hour, I decided to ask you to review it for me, hoping to gain from your copyediting expertise. Honestly, I was hoping you'd just fix a comma or two, and tell me it was terrific. You did fix a few grammatical boo boos, but you also suggested a way to enrich the story that I hadn't thought of before. At first, my reaction was, "oh no, not another rewrite!" But I have a great deal of respect for you, so I listened. The end result was several more hours at the computer, and the development of a new story that is lightyears better than what I had produced before. Thanks, Shel, for your insight and for pushing me to do my best!

Azriela Jaffe, author/speaker/coach

"After dealing with one literary predator after another, I was beginning to give up hope. Then I found you. Not only did you do a superb edit on my book, but you finished the job ahead of schedule and well under your very reasonable estimate! Thank you for restoring my faith that there are editors with integrity and professionalism. I will definitely be back for my next book."

Bill Drury, author, "A Typical Male"

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