Helpful Articles about Job Searching, Résumé Writing, and Careers

You Don't Always Know Your Career Path's Twists and Turns--Trust Your Heart
By Sam Horn

Simplify Your Job Search
By Frank K. Sonnenberg

Tips and Resources for Switching to a Green Collar Career
By Brian Jenkins

Can't Get That? Then Get This! How to Get Something of Value in a Negotiation with Your Boss
By Liz Tahir

Release Brakes: How to Break the Fear Barrier in Business
By Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman

Is a Web Resume for You?
By Stefanie Spikell

More Money or the Pursuit of Happiness?
By C.J. Hayden

Get What You Need By Asking for Advice--NOT Help
By Bob Burg

Editor's Note: This advice is great for job-hunting, too. Neil Yaeger talks about it extensively in his excellent book, CareerMap.

Avoid Getting Burned by Clients Who Don't Want to Pay
By Chris Marlow

Never too Late to Follow Your Heart: An 82-Year-Old Goes to Law School
By Jeremy Goldstein

Transition to a New Career at Midlife
By Cathy Goodwin

Job Hunting Tip: Self-Preservation
By Dr. Virginia Bola

10 Tips for Writing Your Own Résumé
By Shel Horowitz

Current Trends in Résumé Writing
By Shel Horowitz

Ace That Interview : Four Steps to a Winning Job Interview
By William R. Eckert III

Building A Career Of Choice
By John Hoover

Yes, But Am I Happy?: Money Isn't Everything
Jack Deal

11 Results-Driven Strategies to Climb Higher on the Career Ladder
Jack Deal

Make Yourself a Job-Hunter's Business Card
By Diana Ratliff

11 Ways To Improve Your Résumé
By Doris Appelbaum

26 Cover Letter Blunders To Avoid
By Doris Appelbaum and Shel Horowitz

Develop Your Strategic Skills: Four Steps to Advance Your Career
By Gary Gagliardi

13 Strategies for Advancing Your Career
By Gary Gagliardi

Jumpstart Your Next Career With Your Own Private Advisory Board
By Debra Condren, Ph.D.

Start To Make Your Creativity Pay
By Angela Booth

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