Starting or Expanding a Small Business?

Entrepreneurial Consulting and Business Planning Services from Shel Horowitz of Accurate Writing & More

Name and Identity Development The right business name is crucial. You want a name that will help you grow while reflecting your current identity. And you want a name that will be a marketing success in any medium from the Internet to your local Yellow Pages. We can get you on the right track.

Business Planning What will your challenges be? Your growth issues? Where will you be in two years? What markets have you identified and how will you reach them? How can you minimize costs at the beginning and still generate sufficient revenue? Will you self-capitalize or do you need to attract investors? Do you need a formal business or marketing plan?

Strategic Marketing Planning develop a strategy that emphasizes low costs and high returns. Use the incredible power of the Internet--but understand the medium so as not to drown in flames or disconnect notices. Harness the power of radio, TV, and print media. Grow your business through the appropriate in-person venues, dealer channels, and your own customers. (Click here for more on marketing and copywriting services.)

Please click here to get started. This will bring you to the contact form located on You may also call us at 800.683.WORD (US/Canada) or 413.586.2388. Please include as much as you can about the company, product(s), existing marketing strategies, and anything else you feel would be helpful.


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